image via E! Online
  • Ryan Lochte arrived in New York City for Fashion Week, looking like a 1970s pimp from the waist down and a college drug dealer from the waist up. How haute.
  • Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom looked like he hadn’t bathed in days while leaving a doctor’s office in Sydney, Australia. I hope he’s not being treated for scabies, but by the looks of him… it’s definitely scabies.
  • Alexis Bledel is in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention. No doubt she’s using the speed-talking skills she learned playing Rory Gilmore to talk everyone’s ear off about Barack Obama.
  • Former MTV VJ and current basketball wife La La Instagrammed a picture of her and husband Carmelo Anthony posing with elephants in Thailand. I honestly have nothing snide to say about this because it is a dream of mine to ride an elephant with La La Anthony.
  • Peter Facinelli took his daughters to Hawaii for some bonding time. Cute, until you hear the story about the time he shamelessly hit on my friend’s cousin in a seedy pool hall while he was still married to Jennie Garth. Yeah. Now who’s father of the year?

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