Where in the world are your favorite celebrities? Most likely they are somewhere more fabulous than you, drinking champagne with diamonds in the glass and using real money to play Monopoly on the sunning deck of their yacht. Oh wait, that’s just Rihanna. But then where is everyone else? (Image via TheSuperficial)
  • A newly svelte Scarlett Johansson is making Paris look good. Well, Paris always looks good, but her presence doesn’t hurt.
  • Ryan Gosling is reshooting in Los Angeles, making panties drop with every mediocre line delivery.
  • Kate Moss went to St. Tropez without us and we’re pissed. The next time she tries to pass out on our couch we’re gonna say no and just eat a burrito in front of her.
  • Michael Douglas behaves better than Prince Harry in Vegas. And thank god, because no one here wants to see him naked.
  • Swimsuit model Miranda Kerr is modeling swimsuits on the beach in Sydney, naturally.
  • Lindsay Lohan has hightailed it to New York City, where we fully intend to track her down and ask her to throw a drink at us.

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