It’s Friday, which means you’re probably off to drink cheap vodka out of a plastic cup in the shanty you call an apartment. Meanwhile, your favorite celebrities are popping bottles of Dom Perignon on their rented jets, aiming the corks into the eyes of the plebeian flight crew who dare look at them. In the face of such injustice, we must ask ourselves one question: where, oh where are they flying off to?! (image via Dlisted)
  • Lady Gaga went to Amsterdam and dyed her hair a strange shade of leathery brown after one too many bong rips (or so I’d like to imagine), then headed off for Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
  • Speaking of new hairstyles, Miley Cyrus took her Dutch schoolboy ‘do out for a stroll in Manhattan, presumably to buy a large hat.
  • Tom Cruise visited London to show his son some support during his DJ set. If the other Cruise children are achieving such success as part-time nightclub acts, what kind of amazing career can we expect for Suri? My guess: stripper.
  • Olivia Wilde donned a spaghetti strap bikini and went for a dip off the coast of North Carolina with SNL funnyman Jason Sudeikis, who apparently opted to wear the bottom half of a children’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Halloween costume.
  • Taylor Swift keeps traipsing around Cape Cod and pretending she’s a Kennedy. Honey, you write backwoods ditties about your problems at public school. You are not a Kennedy.

Steven tried out for The Amazing Race one time and was denied. We're not saying this is why he started this site, but it may have been a contributing factor in his decision to explore the world online and share his travel inspiration with others.


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