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Carry-On Luggage: Berocca

Many airplane travelers leave their airborne experience feeling groggy or run-down, either due to a traversal of time zones or because the sickly sweaty...

Layovers are Lame – Stopover Instead!

TUESDAY TRAVEL TIP: Travel inspiration is important, but we all know the logistical side of a voyage comes to the forefront when it actually comes...
Ice Caves & Verkeerderkill Falls

Hiking Trails to Relieve Spring Fever

Hello Travel Freaks! If I know you like I know myself, now that the weather is getting warmer you're getting an itch you just...

The Perils of Budget Carriers: Additional Charges to Avoid When Flying...

Photo credit: If you’ve read Ready Set Trek recently you will have seen our ‘3 Myths About Airline Tickets That’ll Cost You’ which documented...
Ghanaian Culture

8 Do’s and Don’ts While Volunteering in Ghana

Ghana is said to be the “Gateway to West Africa”, the “Golden Child of West Africa”, and much more. These tags are a mere...

5 Must-See Attractions In Milan

Ah, Milan. The second-most populated city in Italy with culture, fashion, art and history that can give any other European city a real run...
visiting paris

5 Things To Do On A Summer Day In Paris

It's beautiful, colorful and lively.

Visiting Olympia, Home Of The Olympics

The ruins are so worth the trip.
couchsurfing travel app

Couchsurfing App Is A Game-Changer For Travelers

Heard of couch surfing? It was the phrase for couch potatoes, who's only view of the world was through the television. Not anymore! Couch Surfers are...
visiting Orvieto italy

How To Spend A Day In Orvieto, Italy

History, views... and truffles!
megabus italy

FINALLY: Megabus Is Coming To Italy!

Traveling between cities has never been easier... or cheaper.
dog friendly travel

Check Out These Dog Friendly Road Trip Destinations

Our dogs love to travel with us, and there are many fun, dog friendly destinations to enjoy. To help us plan our trip Milk Bone...
solo vs group travel

Should You Travel Alone Or In A Group?

There are pros and cons to both.