Recap: The Amazing Race, Episode 10: Bull Down

This week on The Amazing Race: The Howells leave Zurich and head for Seville with four teams hot on their heels and a U-Turn...
take two film festival

Foreign Film Friday: Take Two Film Festival

The Take Two Film Festival is still in its infancy, but gaining traction fast. This is only its second year and they're following a...

Recap: Survivor, Episode 10: “Chaos Is My Friend”

With Jefra failing to make a big move and turn on Tony, she sealed her fate as Person Who Did Not Win Survivor. It...
Bar Rouge for 7 Nights in Shanghai

A Guide: 7 Nights in Shanghai

Live it up for 7 nights in Hu

Support Local Music: Go to FoCoMX

Plenty of things come to mind when someone says "Colorado" before a bustling music scene does. Mountains, losing the Super Bowl, legalized weed and...
the amazing race episode 9 feature.jpg

Recap: The Amazing Race, Episode 9: Accidental Alliance

On this week's episode of The Amazing Race Brendon and Rachel depart first at 6:13 a.m. and are headed to Switzerland. As they jog...
esquire tv knife fight

Knife Fight Recap: Flying Fish

How exactly do you cook a flying fish?
best pubs in dublin

10 Best Pubs in Dublin

Guest Post by Aoife O’Carroll from  Nova Car Hire, a convenient website for arranging car rental in 26,000 locations worldwide, including car hire in Dublin. Other European capitals...
One Direction you and i video feature

You and I Take a Look at One Direction Video Locations

A collective sigh was heard around the world today when the five heartthrobs of One Direction dropped their new video for "You and I"...
havana film festival 2014

Film Friday: Havana Film Festival

In it's 15th year, the Havana Film Festival is going strong! The festival screens movies that a normal American would never get to see...

Recap: Survivor, Episode 9: Sitting in My Spy Shack

Arrival back at camp quickly led to a “who flipped” conversation. Trish used the word “bamboozled,” and for some reason she still trusts Tony....
the amazing race feature donkeylicious

Recap: The Amazing Race, Episode 8: Donkeylicious

On this week's The Amazing Race, Brendon and Rachel are the first to leave at 7:30 a.m. and drive to a remote Italian village....
Glastonbury-Festival-2013 feature

Glastonbury Announces 2014 Lineup: Arcade Fire, The Black Keys and More

Festival season is upon us, thank God. Coachella has its first weekend next weekend and then it is festival after festival all around the...

Recap: The Amazing Race, Episode 7: The Gladiators are Here

The gladiators are back! Wait...the gladiators are...back?

Recap: Survivor, Episode 8: Bag of Tricks

Tensions are rising on Survivor. Miss the episode? Catch up right here.
survivor episode 7 feature photo

Recap: Survivor, Episode 7: Mad Treasure Hunt

So on this week's Survivor, Kass is a flipper. A flippity flip flip flap flipper. She went with her gut and flippity-do-da-ed and got...
hangout musica festival

Upcoming Summer Music Festivals 2014!

Do you want to see music at the beach, in the city, or in the woods?