Survivor Recap: Episode 2 “Method To This Madness”

It’s blue versus yellowish-orange, loved one versus mostly related, and person rotting on a beach in Nicaragua versus person rotting on a slightly different...
the amazing race season finale

Recap: The Amazing Race Season Finale

It’s the twelfth and final leg, and it sends teams to Las Vegas. And oh, surprise! Brendon and Rachel live in Las Vegas. Of...
esquire tv knife fight

Knife Fight Recap: 1,000 Year Old Egg

Eggs older than your grandparents.
Don Julio for 7 Nights in Buenos Aires.jpg

A Guide: 7 Nights in Buenos Aires

Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Spring Skiing… in the Forest?

Could you imagine such a place, such a heavenly, other-worldly place where you could ski on the forest floor? Where beams of sunlight pierce...

Recap: Survivor, Episode 11: Havoc to Wreak

So on Survivor, there’s this person? Named Jefra? And she got voted out? But nobody learned their lesson? Or at least that’s how I...

Brew Dogs Recap: Juneau

Did Juneau that cold beer has less flavor?

Recap: The Amazing Race, Episode 11: Hei Ho Heidi Ho

It’s the eleventh leg of The Amazing Race and the four remaining teams are headed for Liverpool, England. The Howells start first at 10:30...
The Winding Stair for 7 Nights in Dublin

A Guide: 7 Nights in Dublin

Obviously the oldest night club is in a church

Brew Dogs Recap: New Orleans

It's brewed from swamp water.