Film Friday

Foreign Films to help jump start your weekend

chicago critics film festival

Foreign Film Friday: Chicago Critics Film Festival

Spring is finally here, and you might want to consider spending some of it in beautiful Chicago, Illinois! The Windy City (or the Second...

Spring Skiing… in the Forest?

Could you imagine such a place, such a heavenly, other-worldly place where you could ski on the forest floor? Where beams of sunlight pierce...
take two film festival

Foreign Film Friday: Take Two Film Festival

The Take Two Film Festival is still in its infancy, but gaining traction fast. This is only its second year and they're following a...
havana film festival 2014

Film Friday: Havana Film Festival

In it's 15th year, the Havana Film Festival is going strong! The festival screens movies that a normal American would never get to see...
new york international childrens film festival

Film Friday: New York International Children’s Film Festival

I know it's a mouthful, but this film festival is simply one of the best out there for you and the kids! The New...
the wind rises

Foreign Film Friday: “The Wind Rises”

   Hayao Miyazaki, animator, genius and expert storyteller has completed his last film which is now in theaters in the US. The Wind Rises tells...

Foreign Film Friday: Stranger Than Fiction at IFC

Getting sick of the snow but also getting a little stir crazy in your apartment? Exhausted your entire Netflix queue? Tired of being beaten...