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Food & Restaurants

Eat your way around the world at the best restaurants

Thirsty Thursday: Boozy Ice Cream

This post is going to be a Tasty Tuesday/Thirsty Thursday hybrid because we are talking about boozy ice cream! I think it safe to...

5 Best Bagel Shops in the United States

Ah, bagels. I know many (myself included) that will travel far and wide for the best bagel. There are infinite reasons as to why...

Tasty Tuesday: The 5 Best Places to Get Your Cookie Fix

When I was little, I distinctively remember voicing my concerns to my parents about the fact that I had sincerely believed I needed professional...

Tasty Tuesday: 8 Brazilian Restaurants to Try for the 2014 World...

The World Cup is only a few days away, and this year, it takes place in Brazil. Brazil is known for Carnivale, with their...

Thirsty Thursday: The Best Shot You’ll Ever Take

I took the subway to Prince Street where I skipped on over to Spring Street, with all the anxiety, nervousness, and excitement I'd normally...
medlar fruit bletting

Medlar Fruit: A Rotten Delicacy You’ve Never Heard Of

As you know by now, we're devoted to sharing the weirdest, wackiest, and most bizarre wonders of the world with our readers. That's why...
Montalto Vineyard for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg

A Guide to 7 Nights Out in Melbourne, Australia

In the land down under, there is plenty of countryside to see, but this week, Travel Freak is focused on Melbourne in Victoria, Australia....
snake weird alcoholic drinks

Thirsty Thursday: The 5 Weirdest Alcoholic Drinks

On a scale from 1-bread, how thirsty are you?

Tasty Tuesday: Nifty Fifty’s, a Philadelphia Favorite

When I'm at home it is mandatory for me to eat at the famous Nifty Fifty's that is just a quick drive from my...

Tasty Tuesday: Porto Bello Restaurant, NYC

Is there anything better than Italian food?
Epic Beers

Thirsty Thursday: United States of Craft Beer

What's your home state's best craft beer? With delicious home-brewed beer on the rise, there's no better time to be alive for a beer...