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Ghanaian Culture

8 Do’s and Don’ts While Volunteering in Ghana

Ghana is said to be the “Gateway to West Africa”, the “Golden Child of West Africa”, and much more. These tags are a mere...

Bangkok’s Lumphini Park

How To Spend Your Time In Bangkok's Lumphini Park Bangkok is often awarded the title of 'concrete jungle', and deservedly so. Frantically busy streets are...
The Efendi Hotel

An Inside Look At The Efendi Hotel in Israel

About an hour from the bustling city of Tel Aviv in Israel lies a hidden gem called Akko. While you might not think this...

An Inside Look At SHA Wellness In Alicante, Spain

There are no buzz words that get people's attention quite like "detox" and "weightless," so it's little surprise that wellness retreats are a dime...

15 Favorite Countries For Solo Travel

Long gone are the days when solo travel was considered a taboo, unsafe or unwise. It is becoming more and more common for people...
bike denmark

10 Ways To Feel Like A Traveler In Your Hometown

Whether you're down to your laundry-at-Mom's-house budget or your boss is just being bizarrely intolerant of your need to be constantly on the road,...
Ho Chi Minh City

Avoid Scams in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as the older folks are more likely to say, is a common gateway for many travelers looking to...

Your Guide To Abu Dhabi

Imagine relaxing on pristine white sand beaches with a stunning turquoise sea spread out before you!
lake como

What To See In Como, Italy

For travelers visiting Northern Italy, particularly a big city like Milan, Como is an easy train ride away and makes for a perfect, peaceful...
best cities in america

The 5 Best Small Cities In America

Population? Under 100,000 people!
san fruttuoso

Plan A Day Trip To The Majestic San Fruttuoso

Majestic really is the only way to describe it.
best beaches rome

The Absolute Best Beaches Near Rome

If your perfectly planned trip to Rome got blindsided by the unbreathable, unbearable heat, don't freak. Stai calma. A Cool-Off day trip is easy...