Many airplane travelers leave their airborne experience feeling groggy or run-down, either due to a traversal of time zones or because the sickly sweaty guy in the window seat sneezed directly into their complementary beverage.

Savvy travelers know that this fate can be avoided with a European wonder pill called Berocca, an effervescent tablet that when mixed with water creates a magical wellness elixir. Loaded with Vitamin C and various B vitamins, Berocca works as an energy and immunity booster that many seasoned voyagers swear by to keep them in tip-top shape during and after their stint in a pressurized aircraft cabin.

For years this Bayer product was only available overseas, extremely popular as a hangover cure among Australian and British boozers. But now it is finally available for sale in the United States, which bodes well for any American voyagers who are prone to jet lag or the common traveler’s cold.

Order a tube of Berocca at and make sure to pack a stack in your carry-on the next time you take a long flight, if not to stave off jet lag then to avoid a wicked hangover following one too many in-flight cocktails.

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