We’ve officially reached that time of year when everyone remembers that pumpkins are edible and starts freaking the F out about eating as much of the squash as possible. Just this morning one of my coworkers asked me if I wanted a slice of pumpkin pie, and I had to decline because it was barely 10 am and I have a strict “no pie before breakfast” rule. But believe me, I was tempted – even I have a hard time rejecting pumpkin products during the annual October/November Pumpkin Frenzy, which is why these pumpkin burgers from Japanese Burger King look delicious rather than disgusting:

burger king pumpkin burgers

Apparently, the autumnal obsession with pumpkin flavoring is not some kind of manifestation of American guilt for killing all those natives and stealing their gourds. The people of Japan crave the stuff just as much as the Americans do in the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving, as evidenced by these strangely alluring pumpkin burgers which will be offered for a limited time starting October 26.

According to Brand Eating, the pumpkin burgers will contain two slices of kabocha (a medium sized winter squash commonly known as “Japanese pumpkin”), bacon, lettuce, a traditional BK flame broiled beef patty, and a creamy sauce made from sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts. For those of you disappointed that the burger won’t contain the basketball-sized pumpkins we’re used to, don’t fret – the bun is striated to look like one so it’ll be easy to pretend.

The regular pumpkin burgers are around $4, but if you really love the taste of kabocha you can opt for the “pumpkin bomb,” which piles on ten slices of of Japanese pumpkin for an extra 100 yen (about $1.26).

Since the BK pumpkin burger is only around for a limited time in Japan, you’ll have to book a ticket ASAP if you love pumpkin enough to fly halfway around the world for it. But let’s be real, by the time you make it there your taste for pumpkin will probably have gone into hibernation until next October.

image via Eater

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  1. Yes this is a part of McDonalds and Yum`s global expansion drive
    They estimate that McDonalds has a potential market in China,India,Russia and S. America of billions of Dollars
    Where as the USA was 260 million the new world runs in to billions
    Great for investers
    In India McDonalds are already serving the Delhi burgar


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