Guys, Burger King is taking a classic and moving it back  into a very new, very weird, very gothic direction.

According to a press release, Burger King Japan has relaunched the Kuro (which means black in Japanese) burger, which has a black bun, black sauce and yes, black cheese! The bun is given its darker look from the help of bamboo charcoal, while the sauce is squid ink. How the cheese is black, we’re not sure and to be quite honest, we don’t know what to know. Depending on how hungry you’re feeling, the Kuro burger is offered in two sizes: the pearl and the diamond. The diamond just has lettuce, tomato, onion and a white sauce on it.

black burger burger king

Our friends at BuzzFeed have pointed out that the Kuro burger was actually introduced back in 2012 and now has been brought back because the folks over there really like it.

Now, we’ve heard of everything from zombie burgers to pumpkin burgers (also from Burger King Japan), but we’re not sure we could every really be down with the Kuro burger. After all, Eric Schlosser wrote for the Food Network that the color of ones food can have an impact on how it tastes. “Brightly colored foods frequently seem to taste better than bland-looking foods, even when the flavor compounds are identical. Foods that somehow look off-color often seem to have off tastes. For thousands of years, human beings have relied on visual cues to help determine what is edible,” he wrote.

So, yeah, we’re going to stick to our regular whoppers for now.

What do you think of Burger King’s black burger?


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