We all know one the worst parts about traveling is the actual traveling itself. On planes and trains, we try to remind ourselves that it’s about the journey and not the destination. But, let’s face it. Being on an airplane for 8+ hours next to a stranger sucks. You can only admire mountainous views from the train window and incredible birds-eye views from the airplane (IF you get a window seat) for so many hours. Airlines specifically have improved the entertainment on the plane by offering the newest movies (airplanes are where I catch up on all the latest movies, don’t you?) and plenty of music choices. They’ve attempted to ease your travel tensions with alcohol, help you sleep with pillows and blankets, and careful timing of lighting and meals to ease into the new time zones. Thanks for the efforts, but we still can’t wait to land.

British Airways is taking the entertainment and effects of music to the next level to attempt to improve another aspect of airline quality: food. At Oxford University, Professor Charles Spence and his team found that music can influence your taste buds. Known as ‘Sonic Seasoning,’ certain types of music can make food appear up to 10% more sweet or salty. British Airways has created a Sound Bite playlist, which matches certain foods with songs to help enhance the flavors.

sound bites british airways sonic seasoning

Photo via Daily Mail


The Sound Bite playlist will be on flights in November 2014, and it is expected to help the taste of airplane food since our ability to taste is hampered at high altitudes. The menu playlist includes Lily Allen and Coldplay, since British music (apparently) goes well with British foods. The playlist also includes Louis Armstrong, James Blunt, Madonna, and more. They were chosen in connection with the flavors and origin of the dish itself.

Here’s an infographic of the Sound Bite menu:

british airways tunes and tastes menu

Photo via Daily Mail

Do you think Sound Bites will solve airlines’ reputation with bad food?

Sydney Pereira is a student at New York University trying to change the world while simultaneously making enough money to travel when she's not studying or writing. She's also an athlete, music-lover, and avid news reader. When she's not exploring NYC, fresh flowers from the farmer's market and a cup of hot tea on a lazy Saturday are equally fulfilling.


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