It’s the final episode of Brew Dogs, which is the episode immediately following the penultimate episode of Brew Dogs. And what better place to finish off a television season than Tinseltown. The City of Angels. The place where dreams are made, and then crushed, and then E! True Hollywood Stories are made about the dreams being crushed. Los Angeles.

Because Los Angeles is not a natural brew city, there’s a lot of home brew happening. So there is a home brew scene, and it’s naturally very competitive. James and Martin team up with the Maltose Falcon and visit Golden Road, a hoppy brewy place that boasts Meg, one of the first female brewers in the region.

Anyway. There’s this home brewer guy named Dana who is battling some other home brewer guy named Andy over something having to do with a coin toss. The winner gets to pick James or Martin as their assistant brewer. Andy wins and picks James (good choice), and Dana gets stuck with Martin. Then, there’s a magical local ingredient. Dana and Martin are tasked with making a citrus flavored beer, and Andy and James must use sage.  I’m thinking the sage is going to be a tad more difficult to work with than the citrus, so this should be interesting.

brew dogs season finale los angeles

The top 5 craft beer bars in Los Angeles are:

5. Blue Palms Brewhouse (in the thick of Los Angeles)

4. The Daily Pint (it’s in Santa Monica)

3. The Surly Goat (West Hollywood)

2. The Glendale Tap (in Glendale, duh)

1. Naja’s Place (88 beers on tap)

Martin and Dana settle on a sour malt for their citrus beer and choose their hops as carefully as I choose my shoes. Then, it’s off to pick some citrus and sage. Did you know that there’s an entire ranch just for sage? It’s all sorts of rocky, which I guess is how sage grows. A park ranger helps them find sage amongst the rocks, which comes in white, black, and purple. Meanwhile, Martin and Dana are peacefully picking grapefruits and oranges in fruit groves.

The top 5 craft breweries in Los Angeles are:

5. San Pedro Brewing Co.

4. Eagle Rock Brewery

3. Ladyface Ale Companie

2. Smog City Brewing Co.

1. Beachwood BBQ & Brewing

Home brewing happens in homes, so we get a peek into Los Angeles living. Not going to lie, Andy’s backyard is kind of weak. Dana’s desert oasis pretty much kicks its butt. However, Andy’s brewing setup looks way more…professional? I mean, why is Dana cooking in an Igloo cooler and stirring with a spatula?

Ooh, a secret ingredient! I hope it ruins everything (yes, I am that awful). Avocado. Uh…what? Why would you add an avocado to beer? Its high fat content can make the texture all sorts of awful, and the seed is totally useless. I mean, that’s just cruel. Martin and Dana play it safe and add it to the wort, while James and Andy infuse vodka with the avocado and sage.

The winner gets to put their beer on tap at Golden Road for one month, which I guess is a big deal. So who brewed the most SoCal beer with their local secret ingredients? Martin and Dana made a quadruple citrus, triple hopped, double IPA. It’s called “refreshing” but a bit sugary. “It’s like breakfast juice.” James and Andy brewed a saison. It is described as “peppery and earthy,” and it’d be “great poolside.”

The winner is unanimously the saison from James and Andy. Aw. Poor Martin. He strikes me as someone who rarely ever wins.

And that wraps up another season of Brew Dogs. Cheers! *clink*

Linda Sue Strong is the founder of entertainment blog and an occasional attorney. Her life has not yet been turned into a reality television show. Follow her at @themisslinda.


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