Although I am not a native of the Boston area, somehow I have found myself trapped in its graces without a way out. Four years of college up in the capital of New England lead to a job, and somehow the viscous cycle of loving and loathing tiny Boston keeps spinning around me. Every season brings a new reason to dislike the city: fall and spring both bring its sports fans, summer the undying fetish for terrible country music (it’s New England Bostonians, not South Carolina), and winter the bone chilling cold. With all the reasons to leave the city, there are quite a few that just keep its residents around.

Just one of the reasons so many people find it hard to get out of this quick sand pit of a city is the nightlife. Boston may be tiny, but the amount of bars, pubs, and clubs is to be rivaled with. As I am sure you can tell by watching any televised Boston sports event, Bostonians are partial to drinking. With that preference comes the responsibility of the city to sponsor some pretty great bars. If you combined Boston’s most popular bars with its decently reliable public  transit system, The T, you get Boston’s T Map, which bars instead of stops.

What you can see below is what appears to be Boston’s average T map. Look a little more closely, and you will notice the real stops have been replaced by the most popular bar at that stop. We will have to give a shout out to the people at Thrillist for this one.  They really pulled through on Boston’s T Bar Map. Make sure the click the link to get the map broken down on Thrillist!

Boston T Bar Map


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