Photographer Stephen Wilkes, based out of New York, has embarked on a photo series that combines Instagram’s most posted photos: sunsets and sunrises. Wilkes blends photographs from day and night to create an image that conveys what the place looks like during the day and night.

After spending 15 hours in one spot, Wilkes captures over 1,500 photographs throughout the entire day and into the night. He then takes the images to his studio where he blends about 50 of them together to create one powerful photograph of tourist hot-spots in European cities. The best of these photograph blends are a part of his ‘Day to Night’ series, and Wilkes is planning on choosing 40 of the best day-to-night works for a book.

The process Wilkes does with his photograph creates stunning images of places we’ve seen in photos hundreds of times. He focuses on places that everyone can recognize and recreates the photograph into an entirely new piece of art and reality.

Here are some of the blended photographs of historical, and tourist spots that Wilkes has created so far:

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

stephen wilkes photograph eiffel tower

Photo via DailyMail

London, England

stephen wilkes london photograph

Photo via DailyMail

 Trafalgar Square in London

stephen wilkes trafalgar square photograph

Photo via DailyMail

 Jerusalem, Israel

stephen wilkes jerusalem photograph

Photo via DailyMail

 Pont de la Tournelle in Paris, France

stephen wilkes pont de la tournelle photograph

Photo via DailyMail

 Tel Aviv, Israel

stephen wilkes tel aviv photograph

Photo via DailyMail

 Stephen Wilkes in Pont de la Tournelle in Paris, France

stephen wilkes photographer

Photo via DailyMail

For more of Stephen Wilkes’ Day to Night photographs, check out his website.

Which is your favorite Day to Night photograph?

Sydney Pereira is a student at New York University trying to change the world while simultaneously making enough money to travel when she's not studying or writing. She's also an athlete, music-lover, and avid news reader. When she's not exploring NYC, fresh flowers from the farmer's market and a cup of hot tea on a lazy Saturday are equally fulfilling.


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