Another Friday, another entry in our Freaks of the Week roundup. This week we bring you the 5 best travel blog posts from around the web that have had us wide-eyed with wanderlust since Monday. Thanks to all these featured bloggers for keeping us entertained!

Exploring the Cat Sanctuary in Rome // Travels of Adam

The ruins of Ancient Rome are a sight to behold, but this popular travel spot has become so overvisited that a lot of the wonder has worn off. That’s why we were thrilled to see Adam’s fresh take on an old subject, bringing light to the cat sanctuary that thrives on the very spot where Julius Caesar was Brutus-ed. We also love the opportunities this provides for Roman-themed lolcats memes, but we’ll let those of you with better photoshop skills than us handle that.

Finally Sending my Longest Climbing Pursuit // The Morning Fresh

We have admired Katie at The Morning Fresh for quite some time for her refreshing take on adventure travel, and now we have yet another reason to sing her praises – she recently completed a climb that had evaded her for two years. Three cheers for Katie, and for this article that beautifully describes her perseverance at Stone Fort in Tennessee.

Also, we now know that the term “send” is climberspeak for finishing a climb, and we are going to add it to our lexicon despite not having enough joint stability to actually try bouldering.

Revival Fest – Lookin’ Forward to the Reverend // Over Yonderlust

We just spent the past weekend at Governors Ball in New York, so music festivals are fresh on our minds. Apparently, the same goes for the duo at Over Yonderlust who recently went to Revival Fest in Austin. Dedicated to Rockabilly music and the unique style associated with it, Revial Fest is captured in photos in this unique post. We aren’t offended by the scant flashes of skin in some of the pictures, but if you clutch your pearls at the site of side-boob or work in a convent, some of the shots could be considered NSFW.

Lake Retba // Atlas Obscura

As evidenced by the oftentimes eclectic subjects we feature on Travel Freak, we are suckers for weird stuff. That’s why we love Atlas Obscura, and especially this entry about Lake Retba in Senegal which they describe as “a lake that looks like blushing pink lemonade [but] is deceptively salty.” Take a peek at the Pepto-pigmented lake in the photo above, and follow the link to find out what exactly makes the water this strange color.

Bootleg Drinks Around the World // Off Track Planet

It’s no secret that we enjoy a nice worldly cocktail (or seven) from time to time, and we applaud anyone else who finds pleasure in drinking their way through world cultures. This list of regional drinks from Off Track Planet is decidedly lowbrow, which just makes it that much more interesting – I mean, who doesn’t want to know about the battery acid brew changaa that folks consume in Kenya despite its high mortality rate? Hey, it’s better than going out and drinking it yourself.

If you have a post you want to share, let us know about it! You can leave a link to a quality post in the comments below, share it with us on Facebook, or tweet it to us at @FreakOutOfTown, and if it snaps  our bean it might appear on our Freaks of the Week list next week!

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