About 20 percent of time spent as a travel blogger is assigned to perusing other travelers’ blogs to see what everyone in the community is up to. Most of the time this incites feelings of jealousy, mild rage, and inadequacy in light of Travel Freak’s current stagnant state (Madrid really can’t come soon enough), but sometimes we come across posts that are inspiring enough to make us forget our resentments. And thus, in order to show appreciation to the travel bloggers that keep us entertained and informed day after day, we’ve created a new series called Freaks of the Week! Every Friday we will feature the 5 best travel blog posts we’ve come across during the week and shower them with love and free publicity. Think of it as Travel Freak’s way of giving back via link building.

So without further ado, here are the posts that got us all hot and wanderlusty this week:

“How Can You Afford to Travel So Often?” // Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert has been funding his adventures for years and has amassed some simple tips that you can use to do the same. While I usually come to this site for the frequently NSFW subject matter (which Robert also shares on TravelSexLife), I always enjoy his sage advice for vagabonds like myself. My favorite piece of wisdom in this article? — “Budget travelers don’t have to be cheap, but they do need to be smart.” Preach.

Texas Tuesday: Toobin’ the Guadalupe // Leah Travels

As a product of one of the northernmost states in the Union, I’ve always considered Texas to be a little too “Deep South” for my comfort. With the help of travelers like Leah, however, I’ve been opening up to the Lone Star State and its environs. But honestly, I’d go anywhere I’m allowed to float down a lazy river in an inner tube with a cooler of beers.

Just Back From: Havana // Fathom

We’ve been finding inspiration from Fathom ever since we started Travel Freak at the tail end of 2011, and it is content like this that will continue to keep us coming back for more. The allure of Cuba is strong for many Americans who once thought they’d never step foot on the Caribbean island (self included), so reading this personal account of a trip to Havana (pictured above)  is a special treat in these changing times.

Home Food Italy: Home Cooked Regional Food for Travelers // Eat Your World

We really can’t praise Eat Your World enough. In fact, at this point we’re basically fangirling for the foodie travel site. And with good reason: not only do they showcase food from around the world, they also tell travelers how to find these authentic eats and delve into the culinary culture of a destination. In this article, they even tell you how to get a home cooked meal in a real Italian home! Be still, my grumbling belly.

We’re Having a Heat Wave // The Lazy Travelers

This mini heat wave on the East Coast has had us sweating through our jeans for three damn days now, and in a tasty bit of schadenfreude we’re happy to read that others are feeling the burn. But while we just sit and complain about unsightly back sweat, the Lazy Travelers have taken a proactive stance and compiled some tips for keeping a cool head when you encounter extreme heat on your travels.

Even though we read tons of travel blog posts throughout the week, we barely scratch the surface of all the great travel content that is floating around in cyberspace. So if you have a post you want to share, by all means, let us know about it! You can leave a link to a quality post in the comments below, share it with us on Facebook, or tweet it to us at @FreakOutOfTown, and if it tickles our fancy it might appear on our Freaks of the Week list next week!

Featured Image courtesy of jodastephen via Flickr

Steven tried out for The Amazing Race one time and was denied. We're not saying this is why he started this site, but it may have been a contributing factor in his decision to explore the world online and share his travel inspiration with others.


  1. Come on down to Texas, Steven, for some Southern hospitality and Lone Star. We don’t care that you’re a Yankee, but you will have to buy the first case of beer. 😉 Thanks for naming me a Freak of the Week. My weekend is now solidified as awesome!


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