The travel blog realm was full of great 4th of July posts this week, and yet somehow we managed to not include a single holiday-themed story in today’s Freaks of the Week roundup… oops! But don’t let that deter you from checking out the 5 best travel blog posts that entertained and informed us as we hoovered hot dogs and avoided the bootleg fireworks our boneheaded neighbors decided to set off on their roof.

Why I Don’t Have A Bucket List // Dotting the Map

With a short, concise post, Hilarye proves that having a travel bucket list is not for everyone. We always thought it was a great idea, but after reading this we’re starting to get second thoughts — as evidenced by the Travel Freak bucket list that hasn’t been updated since we started the site at the end of 2011, they are just too damn hard to keep up with! So for now, we’ll just follow the Dotting the Map rules for bucket listing: “Travel to as many places as possible as long as I enjoy traveling.”

The Packed Suitcase For Life and The Overdue Vacation // Suzy Guese

We love the process of packing for a vacation because, like Suzy describes here, it has always been “the build up to adventure” for us. That’s why we were sad to read that some of that thrill has worn off for her recently as she’s been packing for work rather than for her own personal getaways. We hope the road trips Suzy is about to embark on for play rather than for work reinvigorate her love of travel-sized toiletries and space-saving suitcase techniques!

Heidelberg Castle Still Guarding Its Walls // Ali’s Adventures

Unfortunately, Ali’s trip to Heidelberg, Germany to revisit its famous castle did not go completely without a hitch. But if you can look past the bummers of being swindled out of some euros and running out of time to see all the points of interest — so basically the entire text of this post — you’ll see some truly amazing photos of the strangely charming Heidelberg Castle (pictured above) and its environs.

The 5 Best Things I Ate in Paris in June // Expat Edna

We had to include Edna’s post about the delicious things she consumed in Paris over the course of June because, having lived in the French capital during Cinco de Mayo a few years ago without being able to find anything that even resembled Mexican food, we were absolutely shocked to learn that there’s a Chipotle there now. I mean, seriously?! I had to melt cheese on paprika flavored Pringles and call the resulting concoction “nachos,” and now Parisians can order a carnitas burrito bowl whenever they want? So unfair.

San Fermín Opening Ceremony // The Blonde Abroad

And last but certainly not least, this video from The Blonde Abroad of the opening ceremony of the San Fermín festival in Pamplona (you know, that one where people run with bulls or something) has got us all hot and bothered for our upcoming trip to Spain. We also love the background music, because we are big fans of when people drop F-bombs in charming foreign accents.

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Featured Image courtesy of mjhbower via Flickr

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    • They may be specific to the delis in Oberkompf (because that’s where I bought all mine) but yes, they exist and are surprisingly delicious!

  1. You know what’s weird? A few hours after posting that comment, I went to the grocery store and the person in front of at checkout me had a large bag of paprika-flavored chips (generic though, not Pringles). So they’re in the 16th too!

    • I used to live in the 16th as well (on Avenue Mozart) — my insatiable appetite for the things must have started a trend!


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