While it was hard to focus on anything this week besides the fact that my trip to Madrid is coming up in a matter of days (!!!) I managed to pull together the five best travel blog posts from the past seven days for the Freaks of the Week roundup. It was very difficult and I suffered intense mental and physical strain, so I’ll be accepting monetary donations to fund my long recovery. I suppose you can take a gander at the posts as you write your checks:

The Island Of Lanai in Photos // The Planet D

If you’ve been with Travel Freak a while you’ll know that we featured the Hawaiian island of Lanai for our first Wanderlust Wednesday segment, a feature on the site that has been neglected as of late — oops. While I’ve never been to Lanai, my father has been several times and, as a result, I’ve seen enough photographs of the place to know it like the back of my hand. However, these pictures from The Planet D blow any of our family photos of Lanai out of the water. I know the place is pretty, but damn, whatever Dave and Deb did in photoshop made Lanai look like fantasy land.

Bear Safety in Alaska // Life All Over

I enjoy the outdoors just as much as the next urbanite who never learned how to properly bait a fish hook because he was too afraid to hurt the worm, so I’ll definitely employ Life All Over’s extensive list of bear safety tips the next time I’m traipsing through the forest. I’m especially interested in the first rule on the list, “bears don’t like surprises,” because I was invited to a surprise party for this grizzly bear I kind of know and now I’m like, totally second guessing my RSVP.

Must-See London: Kingston upon Thames // Man Vs. World

I was going to dedicate this entire edition of Freaks of the Week to all the great Olympics coverage that has been filling the Internet recently, but then I didn’t because I couldn’t stand to look at pictures of ripped athletes as I crammed four slices of pizza into my face… at once. So in an effort to preserve my limited self-esteem and simultaneously keep my blog timely, I followed Man Vs. World out of central London to Kingston upon Thames, which looks like the perfect place to escape the hardbodies roaming Olympic Park for the next two weeks.

Exploring New York City By Bicycle // Downtown Traveler

Us New Yorkers are going to have to wait a while longer for our bike share program, but as Jake and Leslie of Downtown Traveler visually demonstrate in this post, there are other cycling options for the people of Gotham to take advantage of. The last time I was on a non-stationary bicycle was over two years ago in Paris (and I was probably lost and definitely drunk), so now that I know about this Lower Manhattan/DUMBO biking tour it might be time for me to hop back in the saddle — or, in this case, the groin crushing bike seat.

Donkkaseu: Korean Pork Cutlet // Waegook Tom

I read the line “pork is a seductive mistress” with full understanding, because I too have fallen victim to the sweet kisses of a quality cut of pig. I’ve consumed porcine delicacies from around the world (well, at least the places that don’t think it’s the Devil’s meat), but I’ve never had it prepared in the Korean style. So thank you, Tom, for giving me a new culinary adventure to embark upon: finding quality donkkaseu in New York and then eating it until I toss my kimchi.

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  1. THANKS for sharing my super important and necessary bear facts! And I would definitely rethink any upcoming bear parties, good call on that one. Have a great weekend!


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