Is it Friday already? Time flies when you are scouring the web for the best travel blog entries of this sweltering week in July. While I enjoyed everything I read in the travel blogosphere this week, I had to pick my five favorite posts for the sake of format — and to protect my poor finger joints from carpal tunnel caused by excessive blurb writing.

So without further babbling, enjoy this week’s Freaks of the Week roundup!

Five French Towns You Should Visit ASAP // LandLopers

When I was living in Paris I had the chance to visit the first town on Matt’s list of French towns to visit, La Rochelle (pictured above) — and then a massive storm blew through the seaside town days before my trip and ruined my plans. I was able to visit several smaller towns in France during my stay (and I actually preferred several to Paris), but missing out on La Rochelle always stuck with me as a massive bummer. Seeing Matt speak so highly of it made me ever so slightly jealous, but it mostly reinvigorated my desire to head back to France for a tour of small towns like La Rochelle and the other four destinations on the list.

How to Cook Peruvian Food Like a Local // Tourist 2 Townie

I’m no stranger to Peruvian cocktails, but Peruvian food is something of a mystery to me. Thankfully Gareth teamed up with some Peruvian pals to cook up some authentic shrimp chowder and ceviche, because now I feel like I know a little bit more about life in Peru via the cooking culture. I mean, look how fun that kitchen looks! If I could get together with my friends every day to concoct exotic fish dishes and sit around talking, I would be a happy camper. I happy, fat camper. And let’s be real, I’d probably have a good buzz going — I see you sipping on that glass of mystery liquid, Gareth. I see you.

Why People Are Going Back to their Hometown // Runaway Juno

When I tell people that I haven’t been back to my hometown in over two years, many of them ask if I miss it and comment on how homesick they would be if they did the same. I always tell them the truth: I’m not homesick, because that place doesn’t really feel like “home” to me. It’s for this reason that Juno’s article about the idea of a “hometown” struck a chord with me — I can relate to her desire to find someplace to settle while fully enjoying the period of discovering this final destination.

The How-To’s of WWOOF’ing // BootsnAll

Full disclosure: I am not a huge fan of manual labor. Sure I’ll (reluctantly) help a friend move or paint my aunt’s house when her living room needs a fresh coat, but once I have to start dealing with farmhand chores my hypothetical enthusiasm for the task is quickly deflated. That being said, however, I am not completely opposed to the idea of WWOOF’ing as a means for budget travel, and I thoroughly enjoyed this list of tips for finding the perfect WWOOF’ing experience around the world. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get over my phobia of getting cow feces on my hands and join an organic farm in the Eurasian Steppe. Maybe.

The Best Free Tools to Schedule Tweets & Facebook Posts When You Travel
// The Barefoot Nomad

I loved this informative post from Micki at The Barefoot Nomad because I’ve been trying to figure out the best plan of action for Travel Freak’s social media accounts while I’m in Spain for two weeks in August. Since my Internet connection is going to be spotty at best (since I barely know where I’m staying yet… oops), it’s nice to know that I should be using HootSuite over TweetDeck to get my posts situated before I take off. Also: I can’t wait to try out SocialBro to get the most out of my Twitter account instead of just randomly publishing bad travel jokes and borderline-TMI tweets like I do now. Score!

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Featured Image courtesy of StephaneMartin via Flickr

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  2. Thanks for the list. There are some great blog posts and some great travel blogger there. My favourite was the Peruvian Cocktails! Sounds awesome.


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