Happy Friday the 13th! Thankfully I haven’t seen any black cats (although I came this close to being crushed by a falling piano), but because it’s impossible to avoid some bad luck on this superstitious day, my misfortune has manifested itself in other ways: the folder full of the best travel blog posts of the week to share in today’s Freaks of the Week roundup mysteriously vanished from my desktop this morning. I assume some sort of ghost weaseled its way into my hard drive and ate it, but that is neither here nor there — the point is that I had to think back to all the great blogs I had saved up, and could not for the life of me remember them all. So, thanks to some bad karma, this edition of Freaks of the Week is limited to just four entries. Blame Jason Voorhees!

Travel Supermarket – Capture the Colour Photo Competition // yTravel Blog

As part of Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Color Competition, the duo at yTravel collected their most stunning travel photos from around the world to enter into the color categories of green, red, white, blue, and yellow. A judge decides the winners in each category so you don’t need to vote for these amazing pictures to win, but they are well worth a few “oohs” and “ahhs.” I especially love their entry for the yellow category, because I’m nothing but a fan of body paint.

European Cultural Oddities // Ottsworld

My table manners are atrocious by American standards, let alone when I’m faced with a bourgie silverware spread at a fancy French restaurant, so I greatly appreciated Sherry Ott’s breakdown of proper European utensil form along with the other cultural oddities she points out. I would, however, like to add an oddity to her entertaining list: Europeans do not believe in ice, nor cold beverages in general. I swear, if I had one more lukewarm Coke or iceless carafe d’eau when I lived in France I was going to start bringing a cooler with me when I went out to eat. But other than that, Vive la France!

“The Mikimoto” at Beverly Wilshire // Lola’s Travels

My reasons for enjoying this story are threefold:

1) I’ve never personally enjoyed Los Angeles, so seeing someone enjoy their experience so much gives me hope that the warm California sun will thaw my cold Yankee heart.
2) I will toast anyone who opens my eyes to a new and exciting cocktail recipe, especially if it can only be found in a specific location.
3) Any time I hear about Mikimoto it reminds me of my favorite season of America’s Next Top Model when Eva and Ann won a challenge in Japan and got free pearls from the jeweler. They thought it would mend their strained relationship, but alas…

The Dorm Room Sex You’re Not Having // Twenty-Something Travel

I have my fair share of hostel horror stories, but I can’t say that I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of hearing two foreigners bump uglies in an adjacent bunk. And you know what? I’m perfectly fine reading about it on Twenty-Something Travel rather than having to experience that moment of public passion myself.

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Featured Image courtesy of KiranAmbre via Flickr

Steven tried out for The Amazing Race one time and was denied. We're not saying this is why he started this site, but it may have been a contributing factor in his decision to explore the world online and share his travel inspiration with others.


  1. Hi Steven! Thanks so much for highlighting our photo post. I’m stoked because I didn’t think they were very good 🙂

    Off to read some of these other posts now. Thanks for the share


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