After today, Freaks of the Week will be on a brief hiatus as I enjoy my time off in Madrid by doing any and all of the following: drinking grocery store cartons of sangria like they’re juice boxes, licking the spicy sauce off a plate of patatas bravas but not eating the potatoes (I’m watching my figure), and attempting to converse with madrileños while inebriated but mistakenly speaking French instead of Spanish. So soak up this sample of the best travel blog posts of the week, because you won’t be getting another roundup until the end of August!

Scenes from Si Phan Don // Never Ending Footsteps

Southeast Asia is one of my dream destinations, and if/when I make it there I plan do hit up Si Phan Don thanks to Lauren’s post over at Never Ending Footsteps. Why? Because as her photos depict, the main activities to enjoy in this southern Laotian island region are two of my favorite pastimes — drinking cold beer and taking naps. Sure I could do this in my apartment for free, but I imagine t would feel so much better to get day drunk in a hammock overlooking the Mekong.

I’ll Be Missing You… Amsterdam // As The Bird Flies

I’ve never been to Laos, but I have been to Amsterdam, and Frankie’s list of the things she’ll miss most about the Dutch city fills me with nostalgia for my time spent exploring the canals and dodging falling bongs. I especially enjoyed her ruminations on the kindly pigeons, the unorthodox way Amsterdammers get their furniture into their homes, and how the city is “the reason we have slept less but lived and laughed more.” Sigh… memories…

Oh No in Gozo // BlondeBrunetteTravel

There’s nothing worse than a travel blog that takes itself too seriously — yes, I understand that seeing the sunset in Machu Picchu really changed your life and inspired you to see sunsets everywhere (and photograph them, apparently) but lighten up, people! That’s why I’ve fallen in love with BlondeBrunetteTravel, a refreshing take on a travel blog that aims first and foremost to make the reader laugh. This story about the Blonde’s experience being massaged on the Maltese island of Gozo had me snickering at my computer screen, specifically the line “Never had a string and an oily paper towel been mourned so greatly.” You’ll understand why when you read.

Budapest’s Glorious Ruin Pubs // Candice Does the World

Dive bars housed in abandoned buildings in Central Europe? I honestly can’t think of anything more thrilling. So thank you, Candice, for sparking my interest in Budapest with this post on “ruin pubs.” I imagine them to be like low-key, legal raves where there’s less of a chance of being smacked in the face by someone’s spinning glow stick. Although, it is Central Europe, so there are probably glow sticks.

The Risk of Wanting to Make It // C’est Christine

As someone who moved to New York when he was 18, I can relate to Christine’s post about wanting to “make it” here after moving from the West Coast. For many of us, traveling is the easy part — it’s settling that’s hard. My only advice is that living in New York quickly changes your idea of what “it” is that you want to make, so be open to how the city will change you. Unless the city offers you a mysterious pill on St. Mark’s Place at 4:30 am. Then maybe you should resist the change.

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Steven tried out for The Amazing Race one time and was denied. We're not saying this is why he started this site, but it may have been a contributing factor in his decision to explore the world online and share his travel inspiration with others.


  1. Thanks so much for choosing us this week! We’ve been freaks for years but it’s nice to have it finally be officially recognized. We’re going to be at TBEX in Girona and hope to meet some of you there. Keep on freakin’!


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