It is hard to imagine traveling without the help of a smart phone. Actually, it is hard to imagine life without a smart phone, but really, these little geniuses come in handy most when you are out and about, and need some quick help. Although Travel Freak is a huge advocate for putting away gadgets and seeing the world with your own two eyes, sans filter, sometimes the screen is the most helpful part of making your way through a country.

What would a smart phone be without apps? There are thousands upon thousands of apps, and many of them are helpful, but a lot of them are pointless. We always try to weed out the ones that are subpar compared to the rest, but sometimes that is difficult to do when there are so many to choose from.

The infographic, Must Have Travel Apps, by Deal Checker below sifts through some of the highest rated apps when it comes to traveling. The infographic breaks down the apps by camera, food, health, and navigation, giving readers a few suggestions for what apps are worth the download. As always, these are just a few of the apps that travelers find useful while on their journey. There are always more to download.

If you are headed on an excursion any time soon, check out the infographic, Must-Have Travel Apps,  below to learn how to make your trip a little easier vis smartphone!

Must-Have Travel Apps Infographic


Do you use any of these travel apps?


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