Eurovision is the best thing ever.

For those of you that don’t know what the Eurovision Song Contest is, let me enlighten you. Eurovision is a song contest, where countries in the European Broadcasting Area are invited to submit a song. The submissions are performed live in a host city (this year it is Copenhagen), and then the countries of the EBA are invited to vote for their favorite entry. The catch? Youc an’t vote for your own country. After three days, a winner is crowned. In 1974 it was a little known band called ABBA with the song “Waterloo.” Told you Eurovision is the best thing ever.

So yeah, it is kind of like American Idol but it only takes three days. There are some rules to the competition. Bust mostly it is just 30-40 amazingly outlandish songs. It’s a really great time, and it weirdly brings people together. As an American, I watch Eurovision every year through the livestream, and I am always so jealous that I can’t cast a vote I try and convince my study abroad friends to use their vote for my favorites. America tried something similar a while back, but it just didn’t work out. This is something that can really only happen in Europe. And thank God it does.

This year the Eurovision 2014 opening ceremony took place on May 4th, with the semi finals happening on May 6th and 8th. The grand finale is on May 10th.

New to Eurovision? Welcome to you newest addiction. Here are our top five picks for this year’s competition:

Latvia “Cake to Bake”

Belarus “Cheesecake”

Poland “We Are Slavic”

Iceland “No Prejudice”

Denmark “Cliche Love Song”

Which country are you rooting for in Eurovision 2014?



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