Spring break – the one week of sunshine dedicated to the end of the winter hibernation and ringing in the gorgeous spring and summer months. Travelfreak knows that spring break is something to be taken seriously, since it presents an excellent and much-needed travel opportunity. To help with the bevy of choices, we’re rounding up 25 known and not-so-known destinations that can be found on 5 different parts of the planet. 

5 Best Spring Break Destinatoins in Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Don’t be turned away by the city’s landlocked locatoin: one of the biggest parties in Africa happen during spring break in Johannesburg. Events are always scheduled through the break, including concerts, strong man competitions, and beauty pageants.  There’s also the Crater Gathering, a huge arts event filled with hippies and the bright things that hippies love to stare at.


Cape Town, South Africa

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Johannesburg or Cape Town? That’s up to preference. Cape Town’s got the big beach parties, natural sights to see, and tap water that’s safe to drink too. But what does it really have that Johannesburg doesn’t? A colony of African Penguins.


Taghazout, Morocco

morocco tazhagout
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If surfing in Morocco sounds like an ideal use of a spring break, there are some serious swells to brag about in Taghazout. Hotel packages are offered with surf holidays in mind, and if you’re interested learning or overcoming your fear of seeing Jaws at a young age, a surf school will be more than happy to break you in.



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Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean that most folks would love to go to. It is jaw-dropping on the beauty scale, filled with colorful biodiversity and landscapes. Also, Mauritius has one of the highest return rates for visiting tourists.


Diani Beach, Kenya

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Diani is a major beach resort in Kenya, and one of the best bets to go on a sweet safari trip during your African break. For the more beach-minded, it’s also a great place to get some kitesurfing in.

Amazed by these African hot spots? Don’t spend all your pennies yet – we’re finishing up our Spring Break 25 series tomorrow with all the best destinations in Asia & Oceania!

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