Now that you’ve dumped out your pumpkin pails and pillowcases after a (hopefully) bountiful Halloween, it’s time to assess your haul. You know the drill – separate all the sweets  into piles based on candy type then divvy up those piles into subdivisions based on your likes and dislikes, and throw all non-candies away immediately.

Undoubtedly you’ll find some strange outliers in your candy stash like Necco Wafers and homemade taffy, but don’t toss the stuff you don’t recognize right away. One of those weird candy bars you’ve never seen before might be on the list of the best selling candy in the world – which, aside from M&M’s, contains some pretty odd treats:

best selling candy in the world


Chocolate bars filled with milk? Cheese flavored chocolate? Two types of gum? I’m personally offended that this is how the world thinks of candy, but I’m in no place to judge the global taste in sweets. I just wish someone would trade me for this damn dairy milk bar…

Do you know of any strange candies that are big sellers in different parts of the world? Let us know in the comments! 

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