If you’re planning on traveling soon, you should consider booking your flight on a Saturday.

According to AirHelp, the chance of a delay is only 18.11% on Saturday, making it the best day to fly, but just a day before on Friday, there’s 29.47% chance of a delay.  Friday actually has the highest chance of delays, followed by Tuesday and then Monday.

It’s not just what day you fly, but also what time and from what airport that affects delays. It seems like 6 – 7 AM on a Saturday is prime time, while 6-7 PM is no good.

The company also found the best and worst airports for delays. Portland International Airport, Seattle/Tacoma International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport are the best at avoiding delays, while Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and George Bush International are the worst. The primary reason is because these airports act like hubs, where airlines can layover or have connecting flights.

This little infographic below explains everything, and it’s quite interesting! I know that when I was flying to Iceland from New York City, the delay was horrible, and guess what? I left on a Friday — would have loved to avoid the delays!

Skim through the infographic below, and be sure to head over to AirHelp for more information.

Please include attribution to getairhelp.com with this graphic.

Flight Delay Infographic


In your experience, what is the best day to fly?


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