Do you know what’s better than cake? Chocolate cake. Cakes have come along way throughout history; the first types of cakes were more bread-like based and sweetened with honey, fruits, or nuts. But, as advances in technology developed, the cake transformed from bland into exquisite. Throw chocolate into the mix (no pun intended) and the chocolate cake is born. To honor this sweet and scrumptious dessert, we’ve listed the best chocolate cakes from around the world. We’re also showing you how to order the cakes like a true native. Trust, this is one guide you’re going to want to keep handy!

America’s Favorite Treat: Devil’s Food Cake

best chocolate cakes

How to order: Can I please have that incredible piece of chocolate cake?

The French: Mousse Au Chocolat (okay, not technically a cake, but it’s a must-try!) 

chocolate cake around the world

How to order: Puis-je avoir la mousse au chocolat?

Germany’s Black Forest Cake

german chocolate cake

How to order: Ich würde ein Stück Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte zu lieben!

Austria’s Famous Viennese Specialty: Sachertorte


How to order: Darf ich versuchen, die Sachertorte?

Bulgaria’s Garash Cake

garash cake

How to order: Bikh iskal da opitam na Garash torta!

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cake

spicy mexican chocolate cake

How to order: ¿Puedo probar el picante pastel de chocolate de todo el mundo habla?

Chocolate Thai Green Curry Cake

chocolate thai curry cake

How to order: P̄hm khid ẁā p̄hm camī ch̆xkh ko læt khêk kæng k̄heīywh̄wān.

Where have you have the best chocolate cakes?


Valerie Theofanis is a student at Marymount Manhattan College and is studying Communication and Media Arts. She's an adventure junkie and has a passion for traveling. The fastest way to her heart is anything dipped or smothered in chocolate.



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