Skyscanner has released their second annual survey of the best airline food being consumed above the European continent, and the results you didn’t even know you were waiting for are in!

Turkish brand Pegasus, Dutch airline KLM, and Scandinavian company SAS took top honors in their categories, presumably because their baklava, apple tarts, and lingonberry jam(?) stand up well under cabin pressure.

Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie had this to say:

“Airline food used to have a reputation for being bland, but the quality of in-flight meals has improved massively as airlines place greater importance on serving good food at altitude. The majority of airlines have now realised that the quality of the meals does play an important part in airline choice and can sway regular flyers to travel with them.”

We have to say, we agree with Bailie – and with the results of the poll. We’ve had the pleasure of tasting the in-flight meals on Vueling, British Airways, KLM and Air France, and all of them were totally edible and looked nothing like slop or cardboard. Or maybe we just thought that because 3 of those 4 airlines offer unlimited wine with the meals – and you know we didn’t pass that up.

Anyway, these are the European companies with the best airline food according to Skyscanner:

Top 5 Low-cost Airline Food 

1. Pegasus
2. Flybe
3. Monarch
4. easyJet
5. Vueling

Top 5 Short-haul Airline Food

1. SAS
2. Lufthansa
3. Turkish Airways
4. British Airways
5. Aeroflot

Top 5 Long-haul Airline Food

1. KLM
2. Aeroflot
3. SAS
4. Air France
5. British Airways

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