In the very center of Rome, tucked into the charming and historic neighborhood, is the cheese shop Beppe e I Suoi Formaggi (Beppe and His Cheeses). Despite its location Beppe’s is by no means a tourist spot or overly priced. It isn’t exactly cheap, but that’s because the products are genuinely top of the line quality. If tourists should be so lucky to happen upon it, they’d find themselves among locals tasting the best cheese Rome has to offer. The majority of the cheeses are made in Piedmont by the owner, Beppe Giovale, while other’s are imported from France. They also have some great selections of wines, sauces, marmalades, butters, and cured meats.


When you walk in the front doors the smell brings you the same sort of compelling notion you feel when you experience love at first sight, just via your nose instead of your eyes, it’s irresistible. With the air filled with such sweet cheesy aromas it makes sense that this cheese shop had to be half eatery, since it’s kind of hard to wait until you get home to start snacking on your purchase or maybe you become overwhelmed by the selection and need to try some before you can decide. There is much to order, but the best option is an elegant cheese platter complimented with a bit of fruit, nuts and a marmalade. The friendly staff will happily help you pick the right choice for you.

Beppe e I Suoi Formaggi

It turns out, they even make adorable holiday specialties, like these tiny herb and cheese trees! Though any product could make for a great gift, or even a vacuum sealed souvenir.


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All photos via Sarah Freeman

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