One of the most up and coming places to visit in Central America is just a short five hour flight: Belize! A friendly country between Guatemala and Mexico, Belize is actually the only English speaking country in Central America. Let’s get an overview to see if a tropical vacation to exotic Belize is just what you need.

The Must Knows

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  • Belize’s currency is currently converted at $2 Belize dollars to $1 American dollar. A decent conversion rate for some extra savings!
  • The average temperature is 84 degrees. Even in the colder months, it doesn’t really get below 60, which sounds perfect to me. The rainy season is May-November, dry season is February-May and hurricane season is June-November. Beware that Belize doesn’t usually attract hurricanes, but there is a high tendency for coastal flooding in the south.
  • Belize is known for their vast biodiversity. In just the southernmost district of Belize there is over 1,600 square miles of rainforest. Belize also houses over 500 species of birds and over 4,000 different tropical flowers.
  • Citizens of the US, EU or Commonwealth countries don’t need visas! Also the Center for Disease Control and Prevention don’t recommend you to have any vaccines before you go.
  • Direct flights are offered to The Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE) in northwest Belize City from Atlanta, Charlotte, Newark, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Flores, San Salvador, Roatan and San Pedro Sula.

Choose your Own Adventure!

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Belize has a ton of great vacations to offer in seven distinct regions. On the Central Coast, travelers can learn about the ancient Maya culture, experience local life and explore the rainforest. The North Islands are all about relaxing; head there for a luxurious beach getaway. Northern Belize has the highest concentrations of Maya cities; check it out if you’re craving history and culture. The Belize Barrier Reef is 185 miles long and the largest reef in the western hemisphere, ’nuff said. The Southern Coast has something to make everybody happy: beaches, Maya and one of the world’s only jaguar sanctuaries. Southern Belize is known as the culture melting pot where Asian, African, Maya and Spanish meet under the vast expansive beaches and sun filled jungles. For the true adventurers, go straight to Western Belize for cave tubing, zip lining and archaeological sites.

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