Ah, before you know it the sweet summer will be rolling out and crisp fall will be rolling in. Then, it’ll be winter in no time and we’ll be wishing we were laying on an exotic island, the sun beaming down on us and a martini in hand. But who are we kidding? Between work, school and well, life in general, we’re constantly (no matter what season!) wishing for that scenario. Unfortunately, it’s not always feasible to just get up and go (even though we strongly encourage you to do so). And in that case, you’re kind of just left daydreaming about these exotic places. That’s why we gathered 10 beautiful beach photos to help inspire you to pay one a visit, or to set as your background at work as you dream a bit of island living. Join us as we soak up the sun from our computer screens! Scroll through and let us know which one is your favorite.


halona cove beach photos

Halona Cove. Photo via.

Yes, yes, a hundred times, yes.

miami beach photos

Gold Coast. Photo via.

This is just incredible.

whitehaven beach photos

Whitehaven Beach. Photo via.

Is this real life?

 elafonisi pink sand beach photos

Elafonisi. Photo via.

BRB… packing our bags.

spring sands llanddwyn beach

Llanddwyn beach. Photo via.

It’s almost too good to be true.

papekolea beach photos

v. Photo via.

That water…

maya beach photos

Maya Bay. Photo via.

Okay, that’s it! We’re outta here.

black sand beach

Punaluʻu Beach. Photo via.

This is one our bucket list.

Blavand Coastline beach photos

Blavand Coastline. Photo via.

How pretty.

McWay waterfall beach photos

McWay Falls. Photo via.

Right here in the United Sates.

Which one of these beautiful beach photos is your favorite?


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