If your favorite vacation destinations involve exploring the world’s beaches, you’re in luck. From rough, dramatic shorelines to miles-long expanses of silky white sand, Planet Earth has no shortage of breathtakingly beautiful beaches. The following are six of the best beach destinations for you to consider when planning your next beachside sojourn.

top beach destinations
Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles

Located in the middle of Indian ocean to the northeast of the island nation of Madagascar, Praslin Island, Seychelles, is home to the Anse Lazio beach. This beach features stunning granite boulders, clear water, white sands, and lush vegetation. This exotic locale is perfect for the serious adventurer. You’ll be able to see amazing views and vistas as well as a menagerie of animals you don’t see anywhere else.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Located on Bora Bora’s main island, Matira Beach is decorated by sparkling white and against azure ocean waters. Matira Beach is the only public beach on Bora Bora and is beloved by locals and travelers alike. It’s an experience you won’t forget with lush vegetation and hills near the water and white sandy beaches.

El Castillo, Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Located on the Mexican Riviera on the Yucatan Peninsula, El Castillo Beach features limestone cliffs holding the remnants of an ancient Mayan city, making it one of the most historic and dramatic seascapes in the world. Visitors who climb the cliffs can see many miles out into the Caribbean Sea while visiting some of the oldest ruins in Central America.

Seven Mile Beach, The Grand Caymans

As its name implies, the most famous beach in the Cayman Islands is seven miles long. The coral-sand features an abundance of natural beauty, yet also offers numerous amenities in the form of shoreline restaurants, fruit drink stands, bars, and boat rental services. According to the IRG International Realty Group Ltd, Cayman commercial property is currently doing well as more and more people rent and buy beach homes here, making it a great place to come back to each year.

Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia

Even if you’re not a surfer, you’ll be mesmerized by the amazing waves just off the shore of Blinky Beach in Australia’s Lord Howe Island. Along with the dramatic natural beauty this beach offers, the surfers themselves put on a show that’s well worth an afternoon or two on a beach blanket.

Fire Island, New York
When you stroll along the grassy, picturesque beaches on Fire Island, it’s easy to see why the area has become one of most popular summer-home destinations for wealthy Americans. The classically white beaches are edged by a variety of species of marsh grasses and wildflowers on one side, and by the white-capped Atlantic Ocean on the others. Historic lighthouses dot the shoreline, and there are usually fireworks going off after dark on most summer evenings.

There are so many beautiful beaches in the world that it would take a lifetime to explore them all, but the above list offers some great places to start. Even if you get to cross just one off your list, it will be an amazing opportunity to see parts of the world and ocean you’ve never explored before.

What are some of your favorite beach destinations?


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