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If you’ve read Ready Set Trek recently you will have seen our ‘3 Myths About Airline Tickets That’ll Cost You’ which documented journalist Peter Greenwood’s three travel hacks. He debunked travel myths regarding booking flights. He recommended that people shouldn’t book too early, or at the weekends and during business hours.

While all of the above may put some extra dollars on your flight ticket, there are a slew of other variables that could affect your bank balance. Here are some of the things that airlines often impose on flyers to up the original price of the flight you book.

Baggage charges and additional costs

In November of last year, Time reported that leading low cost airline Frontier was implementing a “temporary increase” on their carry-on luggage. Additionally, they have been receiving a raft of bad press online due to their baggage charges for anyone that exceeds the allowed amount. However, it’s not just Frontier who are profiting from baggage charges, in fact, the Washington Post suggests all the airlines are at it, as flyers seems ok with having to shell out a little more to bring back goods from their vacation. In 2014 airlines in the United States raked in $3 billion in baggage charges, which helped a lot of the smaller airlines post annual profits, and essentially stay afloat.

Quoting prices without tax

Another airline that has come in for its fair share of criticism of late is the Irish budget-friendly airline, Ryanair. The cheap carrier was slaughtered in the media because it was advertising “flight prices without taxes but still show them on their website,” according to airport parking website, Parking4Less. The article entitled ‘Beware of Cheap Flights Extra Costs’ also documented that they would often omit airport tax, EU levy and service charges from their initial ticket prices. It’s worth noting that this has been somewhat of a recurring issue in Europe among the short haul airlines and it has cost travelers dearly over the years.

Seat reservations

We all like to choose where to sit on the plane. Some like plenty of legroom, while others will take solace in watching the clouds pass by the window. Although it seems most airlines feel the need to impose a fee on such freedom of choice. The typical cost will vary between $10-30 depending on which airline you are flying with and the amount of leg room you require. Also, the prices can be affected by the way you reserve your seat. If you book it online as opposed to at the airport, it’s generally a lot cheaper


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