When it comes to air travel, we do everything we can to try to make our long, grueling trip comfortable. From avoiding red eyes to buying the softest, plush travel pillows, easing the stresses of traveling is something we will practically do anything for. There are plenty of lists of the best and highly rated airports that we try to go to, but another way to ease the stress of traveling is avoiding the airports listed on the worst airports list.

Thanks to Sleeping in Airports, there is now a list of the worst airports of 2014, along with regional lists as well. This could be extremely helpful if you are the traveler who might be sleeping in the airport due to layovers, red eyes, or just being stranded because you missed your flight. Unfortunately for the budget traveler, you might just have to power through the annoyances of bad airports because often times, the worst airports are the cheapest. But checking out this list before you book your flights will at least prepare you for what’s to come.

They conducted an annual survey in which travelers voted airports based on the 4 C’s: comfort, conveniences, cleanliness, and customer service. They are based on travelers’ overall airport experience, and the voting period was September 2013-August 2014. The airports included were located  in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Philippines, Uzbeksitan, France, two in Germany, Italy, and lastly, New York City’s LaGuardia.

The airport below is the Frankfurt Hahn International Airport in Germany (HHN). This airport is particularly difficult for sleeping because of the metallic and uncomfortable seating.

EU-W-Frankfurt-Hahn Germany worst airports of 2014

Photo via Sleeping in Airports

Below is the New York City LaGuardia International Airport, USA (LGA). This airport consistently makes its way on the list of worst airports in North America. Even Vice-President Joe Biden compared the facility to a “third world country,” according to the Sleeping in Airports article.

NA-W-LaGuardia NYC worst airports of 2014

Photo via Sleeping in Airports

Check out the rest of the world’s worst airports here.

What is your least favorite airport?

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