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Linda Sue Strong is the founder of entertainment blog and an occasional attorney. Her life has not yet been turned into a reality television show. Follow her at @themisslinda.

Survivor Recap: Actions vs. Accusations

Drew, noted Blue Tribe Climatologist, insists that a typhoon is headed their way so the tribe must reinforce the palm frond roof on their...

Survivor Recap: Episode 2 “Method To This Madness”

It’s blue versus yellowish-orange, loved one versus mostly related, and person rotting on a beach in Nicaragua versus person rotting on a slightly different...
esquire tv knife fight

Knife Fight Recap: 1,000 Year Old Egg

Eggs older than your grandparents.
esquire tv knife fight

Knife Fight Recap: Flying Fish

How exactly do you cook a flying fish?

Brew Dogs Recap: New Orleans

It's brewed from swamp water.
esquire tv knife fight

Knife Fight Recap: Live Halibut

Live halibut and cilantro? Okay...

Brew Dogs Recap: Juneau

Did Juneau that cold beer has less flavor?

Brew Dogs Recap: Northern California

Do you know how to execute a perfect pour?