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Hadley Green

Hadley has spent half of her college career studying and traveling in Europe. She is a college senior with a major in International Studies.

Dérive: Take a Journey Wherever You Are

Our fabulous intern Hadley left us a few months ago, and we still miss how much she helped around the Travel Freak office. Luckily...
rio 2016

Olympics Travel: Looking Ahead to Rio 2016

Guest Post by Hadley It seems like it was just yesterday that the Queen of England was parachuting into the Olympic Stadium for the opening...
london st pancras

Olympics Travel: Best Day Trips Out of London

Guest Post by Hadley I have been in love with the weather we’ve been blessed with on the East Coast: cloudy and lightly raining, or...
the last supper

Visit The Last Supper in Milan, Feel Stuff

Guest Post by Hadley I have to admit: I think biblical and religious art is boring. Okay, boring may be harsh; I prefer other genres...
le montana paris

Le Montana Paris: (Almost) Unattainable Glamour

Guest Post by Hadley I spent the past year studying abroad in Paris, where I’d like to think I did all of the stuff normal...
weekend in edinburgh

Olympics Travel: Weekend in Edinburgh, Part 2

Guest Post by Hadley Yesterday we took you through the first day of our weekend in Edinburgh away from the stifling crowds of the London...
weekend in belfast

Olympics Travel: Weekend in Edinburgh, Part 1

Guest Post by Hadley The isle of Great Britain is in the spotlight this month with people from all over the world flocking to London...
peggy guggenheim collection

Quirk in Venice at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

MUSEUM MONDAY Guest Post by Hadley My interest in art and culture started when one day, after being dragged by my parents to museums from a...
u sudu prague

Visit U Sudu, Prague’s Cavernous Cellar Bar

Guest Post by Hadley I went to Prague in mid-February of this year during the tail end of my Northern/Eastern European adventure. I had a...
the counter dublin

The Counter in Dublin Offers Burgers, Hangover Relief

Guest Post by Hadley I get really, really, ridiculously hung-over whenever I drink. My “going out” handbag is the equivalent of a portable Rite-Aid: Advil,...
silja line ferry

Riding the Silja Line Ferries in Scandinavia

Guest Post by Hadley I am always cold. You know that question “would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?” Hands down, knock...

Meet Hadley, Travel Freak’s Newest Travel Blogger

One of the many benefits of writing for Travel Freak is getting the chance to meet other travelers and have them share their stories...