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Addiction Recovery

Traveling in Recovery: What to bring on your sober journey

Everywhere you go, there your recovery is, too. Journal Traveling is an immersive experience into the world full of fascinating, enlightening, educational experiences. Journaling is a...

The Perils of Budget Carriers: Additional Charges to Avoid When Flying...

Photo credit: If you’ve read Ready Set Trek recently you will have seen our ‘3 Myths About Airline Tickets That’ll Cost You’ which documented...
Ghanaian Culture

8 Do’s and Don’ts While Volunteering in Ghana

Ghana is said to be the “Gateway to West Africa”, the “Golden Child of West Africa”, and much more. These tags are a mere...

Bangkok’s Lumphini Park

How To Spend Your Time In Bangkok's Lumphini Park Bangkok is often awarded the title of 'concrete jungle', and deservedly so. Frantically busy streets are...
Ho Chi Minh City

Avoid Scams in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as the older folks are more likely to say, is a common gateway for many travelers looking to...