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arc de triomphe

Monument Monday: Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower isn't the only thing you need to see when visiting Paris. The Arc de Triomphe is actually located right near the...
berlin cathedral berlin germany

Photo of the Day: Berlin Cathedral in Berlin, Germany

Photograph by Jake Pappas We're about to give you another reason to travel to Germany besides the amazing Oktoberfest. Which, let's take a moment and say that...
Vatican City, Vatican

6 Tips for Studying Abroad

We've all heard that college is the best four years of your life. So that must make your semester abroad the best four months of...

5 Travel Jobs to Consider If You Love to Explore

Wouldn't it be awesome to get paid to travel? Well you can in these fields.
sunset over graz australia

Photo of the Day: Sunset Over Graz, Austria

If you leave now you might make it to Austria in time to see the sun set...

Monument Monday: National Monument of Scotland

The National Monument of Scotland is our Monument Monday this week. You can add it to your bucket list now.

Photo Of The Day: Aurora Village in Yellowknife, Canada

via 500px The aurora phenomenon is one of the most extraordinary things that we can experience. It occurs only at the north and south poles:...

Thirsty Thursday: 7 Easter Inspired Cocktails

Let's face it: we've been longing for April ever since we rang in the New Year. And finally, it's here! With the snow completely...
rainbow landform

5 Travel Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

After plenty of childhood vacations to Florida or family visits in the northeast, it's time for you to expand your horizons. We're talking about...
tom and chee

Tasty Tuesday: Melt With Tom+Chee

This one goes out to all you grilled cheese lovers a.k.a. everyone who has ever scrolled through BuzzFeed's "31 Grilled Cheeses That Are Better...

Photo Of The Day: East Fjords, Iceland

via Flickr For a more dramatic scene, make sure to check out the beautiful East Fjords located in a remote region of Iceland. Ice Age...
layover links NEW feature

Layover Links: Skyscraper-Sized Tetris Game in Philly and More

Let’s be real, layovers are pretty boring. Waiting to get from point A to point B is not exactly the most fun part of...

In-Flight Tantrums: The Ins and Outs of Traveling With Kids

CNN recently reported about the behavior of young children while traveling, posing the question, "How young is too young to travel?" Kevin Leman, a...
layover links NEW feature

Layover Links: Emma Watson Criticizes Pressure On Women and More

Let’s be real, layovers are pretty boring. Waiting to get from point A to point B is not exactly the most fun part of...
photo of the day feature

Photo Of The Day: Puente de Alcántara in Toledo, Spain

  (photo via flickr) Located in the center of Spain, in Toldeo, the Puente de Alcántara is a popular monument for tourists. It holds a lot...
bieber partying

Travel to Cuba Like Justin Bieber

Recently, after dropping $75,000 at a strip club in Miami, Biebs set off to Cuba for a "much-needed" break. As if the pop star...
photo of the day feature

Photo Of The Day: Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam, Netherlands

(photo via tumblr) As the world's largest flower garden, the Keukenhof Gardens are among the must-see places when traveling to the Netherlands. Located in Amsterdam,...