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sleeping tips for travelers

10 Sleeping Tips for Travelers

Guest Post by Elena Morgan If you are a frequent traveler, you know that for all the joys of travel there are many inconveniences that come...

Where In The World Is Penelope Cruz?

   Penelope Cruz is just about the last celebrity left at the Toronto Film Festival, where she's promoting Twice Born with co-star Emile Hirsch -- so,...

Waffle House: Traveler’s Friend, Celebrity Hangout, and Now a State Landmark

A lot of people think of Waffle House as just a Southern thing. Veteran travelers, however, know that you can find clusters of Waffle...

Happy Birthday, Jack The Ripper! Whitechapel Still Doesn’t Like You

August 31st marks the anniversary of the first-ever confirmed kill for Jack the Ripper. The 1888 murder also marks the beginning of a pretty...

5 Fave National Parks: From Freaky to Forgotten

The American National Park Service celebrates its birthday on April 25th -- and we're sure happy to have the National Parks around. There have...

5 Great Places to Hang Glide That Aren’t in California

August 23rd is Ride The Wind Day -- that being the anniversary of Paul MacCready setting a record for human-powered flight back in 1977....

Celebrate Nessie’s B-Day With Some Loch Ness Souvenirs

It's a big day in Scotland, as August 22nd marks the anniversary of the first-ever sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. That was way...
top late night restaurants

5 Faves From OpenTable’s Top Late Night Restaurants

Any good traveler knows about late-night dining. That's why we were so interested to see announcing their Top 100 Late Night Dining Restaurants....
flying when pregnant

Can You Fly While Pregnant?

What you should know before you plan that trip!