Brace yourself, people — winter is coming. Even as someone who spent 18 winters of his life stuck in the tundra of Michigan (and then the next 5 snowed-in on the island of Manhattan), I’m never prepared well enough for when the weather goes from brisk to bitter. This year, however, I’m planning ahead for the nippy New England winter and trying to have a little fun in the process. One of my goals is to have a stockpile of belly-warming recipes on-hand for when I start to bitch and moan about my toes feeling like icicles in my apartment, and in an effort to turn this food gathering process into a cultural experience, all of these dishes are going to have a global flair.

The first thing I’ll be whipping up when I start claiming I have hypothermia is this authentic Thai green curry recipe, because 1) it’s the first one that I found, 2) the fact that it’s an infographic means there’s less of a chance I’ll mess it up, and 3) it seems spicy enough to nip my cold weather complaining in the frosty little bud. I suppose I could do what other people do and just jet off to Thailand for the winter and escape the cold altogether, but that would involve having money and my bank robbing skills just aren’t what they used to be.

So this Thai green curry recipe will have to do:

Authentic Thai Green Curry RecipeCheck out our data visualization blog.

photo credit: Eljay via photopin cc

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