Guest Post by Ricky Durrance

Athens is one of the liveliest cities in Europe once the sun goes down. The locals love nothing better than having a drink (whatever night of the week it is) and each year thousands of visitors flock into the central areas to experience it all for themselves. Everyone knows the city’s reputation, but what is the nightlife actually like? Are there bars and clubs which everyone heads to for the best music, cocktails and atmosphere? Once you know the inside scoop on Athens nightlife, you’ll soon be booking all inclusive package holidays to Athens in no time:

If you like a dance…

athens nightlifeIf a good night out involves getting your glad-rags on and heading out to the local nightclub to dance the night away until the wee small hours, Athens will not disappoint. There are many areas of the city which attract the crowds, with one of the most popular being Psirri. Here you’ll find a plethora of Athens clubs, all of which will meet every single one of your requirements. Sizes vary establishment to establishment, so take a tour and find a club which suits your tastes in music and have the time of your life.

If you like music…

Is going to bars that hold live gigs and performances your thing? Athens has plenty to offer you in that case, just head down to the industrial district of Gazi. Here, many of the old factories have been converted into bars and clubs which attract bands and famous performers who set up and play in these truly unique bars and clubs. If you have never heard live traditional Greek music, when in Gazi try and find Pireos Street. This is where all of the traditional performers tend to be found and it can be a real treat to see the best of Greek music in the flesh.

If you like to drink…

Let’s face it, having a beer or glass of wine is the cornerstone of a good night out, and sometimes all you want is a good drink somewhere with a nice atmosphere and a fully stocked bar. There are many places that fit the bill, one of which is A for Athens. This is perhaps the best rooftop bar in town and offers its patrons stunning views of the Parthenon. Other highlights include the cocktail bar Tailor Made and Vrettos, which claims to be the oldest bar in Athens! 7 Jokers is a funky alternative which, despite being snug in terms of size, enjoys a big reputation.

Athens, like any big European city, has plenty of nightlife options throughout its centre and surrounding suburbs. If partying is your thing, though, you’ll be especially suited to Athens. Just find the place which suits you best and have the time of your life!

Written by Ricky Durrance for travel specialists Beat the Brochure, who can provide cheap holidays to Greece and beyond. 

Photos courtesy of Ricky Durrance


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