Viator seems like a budget traveler’s best friend. It’s free, first of all, and second of all it’s main purpose is to find you sweet deals. Whether you’re booking in advance or already at your travel destination and looking for something to do tonight, Viator knows what that something is and will make it as cheap as possible for you. Not only are the discounts the bees knees but the activity, sites and restaurant suggestions aren’t just coming off of some list, Viator has actual employees that go around the world and hand pick the locations to tell you about (hey so, um, are you guys hiring?).


While Viator is well organized and seemingly easy enough to use, the main issue with it seems to be that, while as a website it is a fantastic travel tool, the app seems like it’s maybe not quite ready. All the intention is there, the problem is it just seems to crash a lot. Like a lot. So as easy as it is to navigate, and as reliable as the deals are, it’s kind of no use if you can’t open it for long enough to book anything or get it to change pages.



  • Free
  • Amazing deals
  • Advance or last minute booking
  • Finds things in the city you’re currently in or the city you’re planning to visit
  • Organized
  • Easy


  • Crashes frequently


So the crashing thing is kind of a bummer, but hey, it’s free so it can’t hurt to give it a try, because if it does work for you and the crashing isn’t too much then it would certainly be an extremely helpful travel tool to have when you have to stay in a budget.

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Will you use Viator while traveling?

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  1. Great review! I have only recently started using the App but have been booking tours on the Viator website for years. I haven’t had a single bad experience yet and totally recommend it to everyone.


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