You fancy little son of a gun, you. Too uptight for hostels, yet also too much of a free spirit to commit to any plans in advance? Too classy for anything less than 5 stars, yet too cheap for anything above 2? Hotel Tonight is the perfect app for you.

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Choose a city anywhere in the US, and now also many countries around the world, where ever you plan on sleeping that night. Hotels need to fill their unsold rooms, making $0 won’t do them any good, so they slash prices to bring in last minute bookers for a single night. Hotel Tonight finds all of those day-of prices and organizes your options for you so you can find the right choice, whether it be by price, location, or your personal level of diva princess. It’s easy and it’s organized and it’s free. (The app is free… if the hotel says it’s free please don’t go in…)

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This app is for people looking for one night just for themselves or one companion. This is because unsold room deals are only for when the room is about to go unslept in and unpaid for, so they’re not going to give you multiple days at this rate, and you don’t have the ability to make room style or bed requests because what’s left is what’s left, usually two people is the most this can work for. The app will describe the hotels and the rooms they offer, as well as give you the price, and you can also find the location on a map so you can easily get yourself there.

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  • Free app
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Lots of city options
  • Discounts like whaaat
  • Mmmmm luxurious
  • Hey, maybe you aren’t even traveling, maybe you’re just out in your own city on a date that’s going a little too well to admit that you live in your mother’s basement. Know what I mean? You do. Can’t plan moments like these. Am I right or am I right?


  • The deals only usually become available in the afternoon, and if no one has any unsold rooms you’re kind of out of luck, but I mean that’s your fault for waiting until the last minute… not the app’s… so… never mind.
  • Only good for solo travelers and couples as options usually can’t accommodate more than that.
  • No one will buy me a pony.


If you’re someone who likes to travel on a whim, or if you find yourself in a new city every night with no time to book, if you’re still having nightmares about your last hostel bunk-mate, or if you just appreciate both the good life and a good bargain, then get this app.

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Where will you use Hotel Tonight?

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