Just getting to your travel destination is expensive enough, not to mention all of the food and shopping you’re probably going to end up talking yourself into. So why let your accommodations hike up the bill? After all, an adventurer like you is only going to be in the room for the minimal required sleep. Hostels and budget hotels are definitely the way to go if this is your perspective, and a great way to book them is on your smart phone with the Hostelworld app.

HW booking

This is a really straightforward and simple app. You need to make an account online before using it, but once you do that you can log into the app and start booking immediately or if it isn’t time for setting the plans in motion yet, you can just add details to your account or your favorites so there are even less steps when you do go to book. This free app offers access to searching through 27,000 hostels in 180 countries, and it also comes with millions of user reviews if you want to see them, so you can be sure that you’re picking someplace clean and safe to stay.

HW profile

Photos via Sarah Freeman


  • Free
  • Fast and easy booking
  • 27,000 hostels in 180 countries
  • Hostel reviews so you know what to expect


  • You have to sign up with an account on the website before being able to log into the app (only takes a min though)
  • You’ll probs go broke really fast now that it’s so easy to book all the travels


All Travel Freaks need a quick and easy, trustworthy booking app, and this one gives you everything you need to find the perfect place, right in the palm of your hand. Get it.


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Will you book your next trip with Hostelworld?

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