Of course you’d love to take your pup everywhere you travel with you, but for many trips that just isn’t really possible. DogVacay is a great alternative to a kennel, because your little shnookums doesn’t want to spend the week in a cage, and this also means you won’t have to inconvenience your friends or family again by having them pet sit the little bugger, you know Janice wasn’t kidding when she said she thinks she’s allergic. This is basically Airbnb for your dog.

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The idea seems to be that your dog should go on a vacation too when you do. DogVacay connects owners with dog sitters in their area. Similarly comparing Airbnb to a hotel or hostel, DogVacay is more likely to have better prices and the accommodations feel a bit more like home, because they are someone’s home. You can also make more specific arrangements more easily than in a kennel, like if your dog only likes a certain food, can’t be around other animals or needs some other special attention. You can pick a sitter who can meet your pet’s needs and also see their references and reviews to make sure they’re trustworthy, and further receive frequent updates through the app on how your dog’s vacation is going.

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  • Cheaper than most kennels
  • No more inconveniencing your friends
  • More comfortable accommodations for your dog and probably more attention
  • Find someone who can accommodate your dog’s special needs
  • Let ratings and reviews help you pick a trustworthy sitter
  • App is easy and organized


  • This is super irrelevant if you don’t have a dog
  • Will anyone watch my ferret though?


If you feel comfortable using accommodations such as Airbnb or couchsurfing for yourself then you’ll probably be comfortable having your dog stay with a well reviewed dog sitter during your trip. It seems overall that if you have a dog this is a more comfortable option for them which would also cost less. Seems like a win win.

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