If you happen to be visiting Lake Shore Park along the northwest corner of Grand Lake St. Mary’s in Ohio in late July and see what looks like a car in the water, don’t panic – it’s a Amphicar
The Amphicars at the Celina Lake Festival are the only civilian amphibious passenger automobiles ever to be mass-produced. Crafted in Germany from 1961 to 1968, over 3,000 of these were imported into the United States, and are the main attraction at the annual Celina Lake Festival.
In fact, the festival has had the honor of hosting 35 to 40 Amphicars for the past twenty years. Look for the Amphicars to start cruising in or perhaps, floating into, town on Tuesday and Wednesday of festival week as they drive around town and cruise along in the lake. The Amphicars will also take part in the world’s largest car/boat poker run, and there’s much more to experience at the Celina Lake Festival.
celina lake festival
Flickr photo via That Hartford Guy
The Festival kicks off on July 24 through the 26th in the town of Celina and will include a 5K run, a large craft show, COSI on Wheels, and music by Erastus on Friday night. Watch for some of the more unique Amphicars like one that is adorned with Pink Flamingoes, one painted to resemble the Bat Mobile and another to resemble a huge Rubber Ducky in their official festival appearance in Swim-In on Friday evening. Afterwards, stick around for the Fabulous Fireworks over the lake.
On Saturday evening you can snap photos of the entire fleet of Amphicars as they stroll the the streets of Celina in the Grand Parade. Later, that evening the Celina Lake Festival will take you back in a time warp to 70’s so you can “Rock and Roll All Night” with the Kiss tribute band, Mr. Speed.  
Sunday is a special treat for families in which the children can join a kids fishing derby, enjoy pontoon rides, kiddie tractor pull, archery and canoeing along the lake. 
Interesting Facts:
The Celina Lake Festival will also have hot air balloon rides, a car show, entertainment as well as a variety of tasty treats to sample — admission and parking are free!
Did you know that President Johnson owned a Amphicar, and love to show it off when he entertained guest?
Thinking you might have seen a Amphicar some place else? Well, if you recently visited the new Disney Springs, previous Downtown Disney, you might have seen the Amphicars at the Boat House. This is among the newest additions to Disney Springs, and the restaurant offers a delicious menu of seafood and steaks, and other tasty delights with a waterfront view. The Amphicar tours  are available for 20-minute tours next to the Boathouse.
Interested in learning more about the Amphicars? Check out the International Amphicar Owners’ Club, which has members around the world. 

Will you visit the Celina Lake Festival this year?


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