Besides being placed next to a screaming and/or precocious child, there’s no worse seating assignment on a plane than directly next to someone who appears to be incubating some sort of viral plague. And according to this video on airplane health tips from The Doctors, some folks dislike being sneezed on mid-flight more than others:

Studies found you may be up to 100 times more likely to catch a cold in-flight than on the ground. One germ-fearing passenger decided to take matters into his own hands on a flight to Jacksonville, Florida recently. Flight attendants reported he continually harassed a young woman who was coughing throughout the flight, saying she was infecting everyone. Then, as they were exiting the plane, he body slammed her against the wall. The man was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery.

Throughout the clip, Dr. Travis Stork (who once appeared on The Bachelor as the bachelor, FYI) refers to the man’s actions as “taking it to the next level,” which seems like something of an understatement — assaulting a sick woman on a plane is about twenty levels beyond strapping on a SARS mask, right? Besides, there’s no point in berating sick passengers for infecting the whole plane because, as the video goes on to say, there are probably already clusters of E. coli smeared across your tray table and arm rests.

In light of this fact, go ahead and watch the clip below for airplane health tips that don’t result in jail time:

Airplane Health Tips

Do you have any in-flight rituals to keep you healthy after a flight? Let us know about them in the comments!

image via CBC

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  1. Yes..hand gel, hand gel, hand gel and a few antiseptic wiper for armrests and tray tables Horrible filthy places planes! My screaming precocious children need to be kept safe from germs /: )


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