Vacation/ adventures/ exploring is the best. I mean obviously Travel Freak would say that, but we do have one complaint about traipsing around the world and that is lodging. Hotels are really nice and hostels aren’t as bad as everyone makes them seem, but wouldn’t it be pretty awesome if you could stay somewhere that helps you immerse yourself in the place you are visiting? It just seems like when you are trying to save money on hotels (because why would you spend a ton of money when you will be out and about all day) the experience would be standard. Why bother traveling if where you are staying is going to be standard?

Instead of booking a hotel or a hostel, try finding a vacation rental on Airbnb. Airbnb is a travel facilitation website that helps travelers find a home to rent in a cities all over the globe. The homes are screened by the people who run the site and are often way more comfortable than any hotel. It could take some getting used to staying in someone else’s home at first, but think of the perks that come with it… Having your own kitchen while on vacation means eating out less and paying less for a place to stay means more to spend on things to do. Also, you get to see a brand new neighborhood that may not have been on your radar without Airbnb.

Guess what? Airbnb isn’t just awesome for travelers, it works really well for the people renting out their homes too. If you become a host on Airbnb, you get paid which could be the way you start saving for your next trip, or any other expenses in life. If you travel for work and your apartment is open for weeks at a time, Airbnb it! You could pocket some cash and give some lucky travelers an awesome experience in your home town. Such a good samaritan…

Seriously though, Airbnb is kind of the most fantastic way to see a new city and the homes for rent are better than you could even imagine. Check out the Airbnb if you are planning your next trip!

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